Drawing Cats Productions

Embark On A Creative Endeavor to Make BOLD Choices


Our mission for this project is to create a space and opportunity for actors who have been impacted by Covid-19 to perform, network, and build your resume. This is an opportunity to play and take chances. We are super excited to give you the opportunity to meet and network with fellow actors you may have not met before, utilizing the current circumstances to work with talent from across the world. As our world transitions to another form of live theatre, we hope our audience members enjoy these performances and the work of these brilliant new creatives.

New Play Readings

We offer new play readings for playwrights to showcase their work!

LIVE Performances

We produce LIVE works of theatre streamed over YouTube in real time!

Theatre For Social Change

We are always looking to communicate and collaborate to use theatre as a means for social change

Merchandise, Gifts, and More

COMING SOON: Stage Cat Gifts and more! Offering customizable gifts and merchandise to meet all of your needs!


WE want to work with YOU!

Do you have something exciting to offer? Do you think we will partner well?

We are thrilled to meet all forms of creatives and look forward to working with you on future productions!

Submissions will be received at