At Rise:

Drawing Cats Production Company was initially created in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are always experimenting with new ways to bring live theatre to our audiences. We are engaged in constant networking with new, up and coming creatives, creating theatre at its most innovative, risky, and unique. Drawing Cats is devoted to inclusivity and diversity and are always looking to share untold stories.

The Boy who Drew Cats

Why Drawing Cats?

"The Boy who Drew Cats" is an old Japanese fairy tale about a young boy who drew cats. At first, his art wasn't widely accepted, as his parents would have rathered he worked as a farm hand or a priest. But in the end, his art saved his life and the lives of the villagers (literally), when the cats that he drew defeated a giant goblin rat!

This fairy tale speaks to the importance of art in the lives of both the creatives and the communities around them who benefit from their art. We at Drawing Cats believe that art DOES save lives and defeats the real monsters that plague us like ignorance and prejudice. Producers Sarah and Dalton also have a tremendous affinity for both cats and the Japanese culture, making "The Boy who Drew Cats" the perfect inspiration for their company!

Cast and Crew of "Sunset Limited" outside of the 13th Street Theater NYC - 2020

Where we are today

Since our debut production in May 2020, Drawing Cats Productions has produced three "Staged at Home" readings, one theatrical protest, one holiday mini series, and our FIRST NYC staged production in partnership with Rogue Theatre Festival at the 13th street theater! We are excited to grow our company with you. Stay tuned for our next virtual (and romantic) production streaming LIVE on February 13th 2021!

In the meantime, check out our work on YouTube!