Sarah Wagner - Producer/Director

If you've ever received an email from Drawing Cats Productions, that was from me. I am the heart and brains behind Drawing Cats. I handle scheduling, finances, contracts, and often cast and direct our productions!

I have my BA in Theatre from Marywood University where I studied both acting and directing. I've since worked professionally as both, making my NYC acting debut in January 2020 and my NYC Directorial Debut in October 2020. I'm also a card carrying member of IATSE and have worked as a child guardian at SOHO Repertory Theatre. I am currently continuing my training at HB Studio.

Sarah Wagner

Dalton Gorden - Associate Producer/ Director

In addition to casting and directing many of our projects, I act as Drawing Cats graphic designer and have designed most of our posters!

I have my BA in Acting from the University of Texas at El Paso. I've performed across the country in Texas, Pennsylvania, Boston, and New York City. I am currently attaining my MA in Theatre Studies from Montclair State University. When I'm not in school or working at Drawing Cats, I work as a fight choreographer and actor combatant.

Dalton Gorden

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